Decoration & Gifts

Advent calendars belongören to the Christmas decoration and increase the anticipation


To increase the anticipation of Christmas, an Advent calendar can not be missing. Who likes it especially, can instead of a classic calendar also our stocking Hänger für 24 small gifts, such as a small glittering deer, a Bärenanhänger or a rabbit, bird or a Eichhörnchen from porcelain acquire.


You can find in our store Advent calendar with 24 heavenly düften, a tree Advent calendar as well as a calendar of 24 small paper häuschen. Also a calendar is suitable as a Christmas decoration für the walls.


Advent Calendar with 24 Heavenly Düfts by Knox Räucherkerzen


 Christmas decorations are everywhere, on windowsills and on tables


We from Christmasland offer in our webshop all the Christmas decorations for the great celebration


You can find various types of pendants for your Christmas tree. Christmas decorations can be made of a wide variety of materials. The selection ranges from wood über metal to glass or porcelain. You can decorate your tree in the classic way with beautiful glass balls, but also with various Christmas pendants such as Santa Clauses, stars, snowmen or sleighs.

In addition, a successful Christmas decoration include hübsche figures and Bäumchen made of wood, which verschönernern tables and shelves. The windows can be decorated with our window pictures or with a golden metal star, of course also with our original Erzgebirgischen Schwibbögen.

Fensterbilder Weihnachtsdekoration von Das Weihnachtsland im Erzgebirge 

All classic wood carved or yet modern? A nativity scene should never be missing in the Christmas decorations


To a complete Christmas decoration belongs of course also the nativity scene under the Christmas tree.

You can find hand-carved wooden nativity scenes in various formats to complete the overall picture.

We also have nativity figures made of porcelain or wood in the program. Here Mary and Joseph, a group of shepherds and the holy 3 Könige may not be missing. Also an ox, a donkey and a lamb belong to the stable. A palm tree and an angel make the crib complete and let children's eyes shine.

The Christmas country Christmas decoration crib with figures wood

The exterior must not be neglected in the Christmas decoration


Standing angels, a sitting moose or a Santa Claus in XXL format also make excellent Christmas decorations in the outdoor area.

Christmas decoration für outside in Christmas land Stützengrün

For a perfect mood needs´s the right light in the Christmas decorations


For a Christmas mood, our LED lights, among others, are sure to light up all household members on battery power.  Here, the selection ranges from LED pictures to glittering snowmen to illuminated frames that will spice up your walls


House of lights with terrace as Christmas decoration

Real candlelight or rather safe LED light for Christmas decoration


Candles can not be missing at the table. Here, too, we offer candle stands with LED lighting, which embellish the Christmas decoration. For those who prefer to light a candle, our porcelain tealight holders or our tealight holders can enhance the atmosphere. Herefür we also have Streichhölzer in Christmas design in our store.


To the Christmas decoration also belongöre, for example, ceramicÄpfel served in a bowl, or Advent arrangements made of wood. A candle holder on mango wood with a deer and a tree fits wonderfully between the tea lights.


Christmas candle holder - Christmas decoration from Christmasland

Christmas, as we all know, offers many kösts


A sturdy stollen board as a Christmas decoration with inscription makes the Christstollen look tasty - and of course also taste. You can serve it on one of our porcelain plates. Match it with our white and gold porcelain mugs.

A souvenir or small Christmas decoration should not be missing in any case


Über small gifts at Christmas, everyone is happy. A good idea wären here, for example, our Nikoläuse ceramic or poly in pink as well as red, which are also available in different colors to buy, a mushroom music box or a rocking horse. Ceramic snowmen are available in various colors and sizes. These are also great for a Christmas decoration.

If you're looking for something fun, check out the skier moose or the snowman with a pointed hat. The nutcracker as a tealight holder is also a nice alternative.

If you also want to give something Christmassy for the car, we recommend our fragrances made of paper in the shape of a Santa Claus.


As Glücksbringer is suitable our „Engel für Unterwegs“.  Also with this gift you can certainly conjure up some a beaming smile in the face.

To be always informed even in the cold winter months, we have für you a wooden deco thermometer. This makes as a Christmas decoration very well hung on the wall.


Christmas decoration in Christmas land store

For those who are still looking for a quick little something to bring, we have an already wrapped Glückwunschkästl with Christmas greetings on the front. As a motif, you can buy it either as „Santa Claus with sleigh“, „Santa Claus workshop“, „Nativity“ or „offspring“. The recipient can put this up very schön as a Christmas decoration.