Candle arches

What exactly is meant by a Schwibbogen?

The candle arches known to us have a long history, even before they served only for decoration as we know. Briefly explained: A candle arch is a light arch on a stable base, which originally comes from the small town of Seiffen in the Erzgebirge and is primarily used for Christmas decoration. There are the Lichterbögen in different shapes and sizesößen, as a semicircle, trapezoid or triangle.

In the past, the archway had a completely different meaning. They were placed in the windows to show the miners the way home in the dark. The lights on the Schwibbogen brought out the miners' longing for daylight that they often did not get to see for weeks, especially in winter.

The motifs in the individual sheets reflect the everyday life of the miners. In the 20th century the beautiful decoration was still made of metal. Today, most of them are made of wood, lovingly handcrafted. Also, the wax candles that were popular in the past are no longer contemporary, because today's candle arches are mainly electrically operated.

Erzgebirgischer Lichterbogen - auch für außen;en eine wunderschönöne Beleuchtungsidee

Of course, our Seiffen Candle arches can be used not only for interior decoration. Also in the outside area one would like to set up an atmospheric Christmas lighting. For this purpose we offer a selection of Erzgebirge candle arches made of metal, which are weatherproof due to the stable material. These are available in different sizes and equipped with 7 lights each.


Metal Candle Arch Lights for Outside

For better visibility of Erzgebirge candle arches provides a Lichtbogenerhöhung


Is your window too high? Or the shelf too small? In this case, our light arch holders are perfect to show off all light arches to their best advantage. The hübschen Erhöhungen are all made of real wood. Here, too, the Erzgebirge images can be found in the design. You will find either sets consisting of two parts with star ornaments, angels, bells, snowflakes or snowman. Für those who mögen it discreetly, the simple windowsill is suitable to set your Schwibbogen perfectly in scene.


Light arch elevation set of 2 with angel

Erzgebirgische Lichterbögen mit LED aus Holz

Stroll through our wide range of Seiffen real wood candle arches! We offer a wide range of LED lights that will add a special flair to your home. The modern design of the Erzgebirge Lichterbögen is equipped with economical LEDs and sets the artfully hand-turned nativity figures in beautiful light in scene.

The Bögen are available with various figures such as a miner, Santa Claus, the Frauenkirche and many others. But all are lovingly handcrafted, each of the parts is unique. An ideal companion für the Christmas season also represents our large Schwibbogen, either unbestückt or with the Seiffen church.


Schwibbogen mit Christi Geburt Motiv

Stand Lights and Light Corners - A Special Window Decoration

Ähnlich wie die bekannten Schwibbogen sind auch die Lichterdreiecke gefertigt. They are equipped with 7 or 11 candles, depending on what size you are looking for. They are decorated with Mary and Joseph or the Seiffen church. Find the right thing in our store für every household.

The teddy in the moon or the moon with child will give a unique character to any children's room. The fawn, the church with fir trees or the candles with bow on the window sills are great alternative lighting for any living space. Our stand lights in 3D format überzeugen in any window with their special motifs.


Stand Lamp with Teddy in the Moon