You are looking for unique and magical Christmas decorations? Discover a great variation in our Christmas land in the Ore Mountains! Enchant your holidays with cute figurines with intricate woodcarving, appealing lighting bö gen, snow globes, nutcrackers, Christmas tree decorations and many more Christmas decorations. For more info and deals on our range of Christmas decorations, please visit our website


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Our Christmas Decoration

Christmas decoration can be so versatile and with us it is! In addition to the classics, such as gläserne Christmas tree balls in different colors and shapes or enchanting nutcrackers, we offer au;ergewohnliche Christmas decorations such as carvings, window pictures, as well as table decorations.


Raise traditional Christmas decoration back to life with our Schwibbögen from the Erzgebirge: Whether for indoors or outdoors, small but fine or beautifully magnificent, with real candles or modern LED lights. Also magical Bäumchen from the Erzgebirge finds your place in our range of Christmas decorations. Whether kept simple, with baubles or snow, they are at any time a wonderful decorating möglichkeit in the traditional regional style!
Likewise, our range of Christmas decorations offers a delightful opportunity for collectors. Decorate your shelves with fabulous collectibles! Discover snow globe or music boxes with different motifs and figures. Whether gorgeous angel motifs, enchanting forest scenes or cute animal figurines, there is no limit to what you can do with our selection of Christmas decorations. We ermöglichen you with our unique designs to further expand their collection!

Are you looking for a new nativity scene under the Christmas tree? Also herefür you will find in our range of Christmas decorations fündig! In addition to complete cribs you can also complement or refresh their existing. How about a new stable or a glowing fireplace for your baby Jesus? Or magical Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree above? We provide you with Christmas tree decorations in numerous designs. Christmas decorations for the tree in the form of chlips, süen angels, wooden miniatures, balls, tinsel, garlands, Lauscha, straw stars, Schnellaufhänger or embroidery. Christmas decorations in all shapes, materials and colors; everything your heart desires.

Surely connect certain devices with the theme of Christmas! Can you imagine them? What comes to your mind? Gingerbread, cookies, cinnamon and apple perhaps? Why don't you think of The Christ Mass? Ah! There it is! The typical smell of incense that fills the church. Why don't you try this flair at home? With our variety of incense burners you can create an environment in which you can remember the wonderful celebrations of the past years. In addition to the pleasant, familiar smell, their enchanting designs additionally create an appealing Christmas decoration, which can be seen and smelled.


Also at the festive table the Christmas decoration may not be missing! Whether napkins, centerpieces or table runners; with our varied motifs is für everyone something.
Complement your Christmas decoration at dinner but with one of our extraordinary table candlesticks with which you will bring your family to shine! Whether hearty angel sceneries, representations of the Bescherung or simply held Advent candlesticks, with this unusual Christmas decorations fällt you the wait for Christmas certainly not difficult!

But we also want to give you the opportunity to people outside your family to share our unique Christmas decorations. For this purpose, our window-pictures are ideal! Feel free to familiarize yourself with our offers! We present you enchanting stars made of lace or the most different window pictures. Motifs of our Christmas decoration are among others bells, angels, nutcrackers, Rudolf or the Jesus crib. And also sugary tea lights and lanterns are part of our range of Christmas decorations for the outside!

Interested in our Christmas decoration?

Have we aroused your interest in our range of Christmas decorations? Well then it is definitely worth a look in our store! Visit us in the store or from the comfort of your home üvia our online store!