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We want to welcome you to the Christmas Land Erzgebirge of Erzgebirge folk art! Discover a wide variety of offers of traditional craftsmanship. Bring the past back to life with us and decorate your home with beautiful and unique figures of Erzgebirge folk art.

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Our assortment

The Weihnachtslande in the Erzgebirge offers you a huge assortment of Erzgebirge folk art. Whether decoration for indoors or outdoors, for the eye or the nose; you will find, among other things, window pictures, Standleuten, Lichterbö gen with accessories, Christmas tree decorations, Räuchermänner or -häuser, as well as Tealight holders and much more. Enchant your Christmas season with intricate carvings and enchanting figures of Erzgebirge folk art. Or delight in sugaryü&April;er Easter decorations! But not only that; with neutral and timeless designs, the Christmas long in the Erzgebirge also proves you the possibility to decorate your home all year round. Allow erzgebirgischer folk art to make their home a gemütlichen and stielvollen home!

Discover the diversity of Erzgebirge folk art new in all shapes, colors and sizes. You will find these and other offers in our Christmas Land Erzgebirge! The most diverse motifs allow you varied decoration possibilities. Let your imagination and sense of Ästhetik free rein. For over 20 years we have been running the Christmas Land in the Erzgebirge. Since then we produce wooden art from our own production for the holidays like Christmas and Easter, as well as for the rest of the year. Thus we represent the heritage of Erzgebirge folk art, a Ära that should not be forgotten!

But what exactly is Erzgebirge folk art? The Christmas Land in the Erzgebirge is pleased to bring you the story around the origin closer! The birth of Erzgebirge folk art can be found in the decline of mining. The impoverished population tried to earn the necessary pennies for their daily bread by carving. Due to the agricultural conditions, it was hardly possible for the inhabitants of the forest to practice agriculture and the short growing seasons caused a great shortage of food and economic misery. Necessity turned into art and a new era of folk art began in the Erzgebirge. It did not take long until the wooden products of the region gained popularity  and became more and more widespread. From the popularity arose, in addition to pyramids and Räucherm&nauml;nnchen also numerous motifs and figures, which were taken from everyday life in the Erzgebirge. Therefore, in the Erzgebirge folk art is typically often the representation of a miner.


The people from the Ore Mountains understood how to redirect your knowledge and skills, creating a new tradition. We, the Christmas country Erzgebirge, feel obliged to this history. The creative handling of the obstacles of that time should not be forgotten and their artistic product should not disappear from the scene! Therefore, we offer you in the Christmas Land Erzgebirge a wide selection of traditional Erzgebirge folk art.

Räuchermänner - the erzgebirgische folk art

Have you ever heard of the so-called Räuchermännern? The first mention they found around the year 1890 and have always been an integral part of the Erzgebirge folk art, as well as the Erzgebirge customs. The figure of a book in the folk art of the Erzgebirge consists of two parts. Classically, on the lower part of the wooden figure is placed a Räucherkerze, while the upper part acts as a lid. The lid, often in the shape of a head is hollow. When the smoke from the candle rises, it escapes through the holes in the upper part, usually from the mouth or ears. Before the invention of the Räuchermänner within the Erzgebirge folk art Räucherkerzen were placed open. We from the Christmas Land Erzgebirge, find the artistic figures definitely the schmückender alternative, which is why we offer the products of the Erzgebirge folk art with pleasure in our store!

In addition to decorations for the Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter, you will also find ornamental pieces for the whole year in the Christmas Land in the Ore Mountains! So you decorate your home in höchster perfection and fill it with joy not only at the holidays. Enchant your guests with wonderful figures of Erzgebirge folk art or give your loved ones with Präsenten from domestic production.


Among other things, you will find the following articles of Erzgebirge folk art in the Christmas Land in the Erzgebirge: playing-cans depicting the birth of Christ or a Christmas market; glückskästchen with the scenery of the Christmas workshop; bell mountain men, angel or the für the erzgebirgische folk art typical Bergmänner. Figures as candle holders or Räuchermänner. Use their visual and olfactory senses.

Original wood carvings from Stützengrün bürgen for qualityät and durability. Our timeless designs in high-quality workmanship guarantee lasting joy. Follow us into the wonderful Christmas land in the Erzgebirge and let yourself be enchanted by the Erzgebirge folk art!

Since über 20 years we produce in loving handwork wood art products - especially for the Christian feasts of Christmas and Easter, but also many things that the whole year über joy. In doing so, we feel committed to the Erzgebirge tradition and ensure high-quality workmanship of all our products.

The Erzgebirge handicraft tradition and especially the carving have their origins in a hard time: After the decline of mining, resourceful Erzgebirge earned a much needed extra income by selling homemade small works of art. Their motifs they took from the daily life in the Erzgebirge and so belong not only the pyramid and the Räuchermännchen, but also the miner to the typical representations that decorate many products.


Quickly, the wood carvings became known and popular also überregional, so that they found ever wider distribution. Today, the Erzgebirge is known not only for its unique landscape, but also for its folk art...

Erzgebirgische folk art – at the Christmas decoration not to be excluded


One of the most beautiful ways to decorate is the Erzgebirge folk art. It consists of handmade, mostly wooden carvings and figures. In our Christmas store you will find everything on the subject of Erzgebirge folk art. The Erzgebirge folk art originated in the Erzgebirge. It includes multifarious expressions of the art of craftsmanship.

Wonderful and classic

Since grandma's time, the 3 Stöckige pyramids have been around. They are electrically powered and beautifulön as decoration at the dining table. Handmade and original Erzgebirgische folk art can also call our 3 stöckige tea light pyramid. It fits 3 tea lights in the pyramid, which it lässt shine in candlelight.

Tree ornament in original Erzgebirge folk art

A special tree hanging is made of wood. In our store you will find angels, glöckchen and snowmen as well as stars, fir trees and drops. Not only for Christmas you get in Erzgebirgischer folk art decorative items. Also for other occasions we have motifs, for example, Easter pictures, spring pictures and flowers as hangings in the assortment.  Also by different illuminated window pictures you can stöbern in our store.

The window in the center

Everyone can see it, cars driving by, people on the sidewalk strolling past your windows. If you want to put your windows in the spotlight, show your taste with Erzgebirge folk art. The light arch has its origin in the Erzgebirge. We manufacture beautiful light arches decorated with a deer in the forest, Nativity or a village landscape, making each window unique. Depending on how much space the window offers, you can order from us in the store lightbögen in different sizesößen and number of candles.


Arches of lights höhungen in erzgebirgische folk art

Sometimes, because the window frame is too wide, or the window is too small, it happens that only the tips of the arc of lights are visible. In order to be able to marvel at the full arch of lights even here, we offer various light arch heights, completely in the style of Erzgebirge folk art. The elevations are available as an 80 cm wide windowsill made of natural wood, which can also be used throughout the year, or as a set of two in winter design, such as a deer with a rabbit, a snowflake or with cranking Sängerfiguren. Each of these Lichterbögen is lovingly, made of wood and handmade, in erzgebirgischer folk art.

Christmas – candlelight with erzgebirgischer folk art

 everywhere in the house you can create a Christmas atmosphere with tea lights. Beautifully framed in large tea light holders, they are not only a great decoration in erzgebirgischer folk art, but also an atmospheric alternative to strings of lights with cable, für which is not always a socket ready. You will find tea light holders with elves, churches, angels, owls and many others. All are made of wood in original Erzgebirgischer folk art.

Napkin holder in erzgebirgischer folk art

To store your napkins neatly and without folds to remove könnennen, a napkin Ständer is suitable. In the design of Erzgebirgischer folk art, we have different versions in the assortment, depending on what size you need. With the napkin holder angel with miner, village with church or rabbit with handcart, you always have everything at hand.

Stand lamps in 3D shape – a beautifulöne form of lighting in the living area


Also stand lamps represent a great component for Erzgebirgische folk art. They can be wonderfully integrated as a decorative item in any living space. We offer them in the store in different sizes. For example, the floor lamp moon with child. It is made of natural plywood in Erzgebirge folk art. The light needs a 15 watt bulb and has a supply line of 1.50 meters. With its dimensions of H/W/D 35cm/27cm/5cm it finds a suitable place in any living room. Or simply the hedgehog with Äpfeln, he fits every season and makes decorated the table at festive Anlässen.