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Welcome to Christmas Land in the Ore Mountains. Discover a variety of Christmas items. Decorate your home with wonderful figurines, Christmas tree decorations, window pictures and much more and versüßen yourself and your loved ones the holidays.


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Through our wide selection of Christmas items in Christmasland, you can browse long and hard; our wide assortment of Christmas items offers you a variety of choices. Discover magical figurines, artistic Christmas tree decorations, traditional folk art from the Erzgebirge, beautiful window pictures from our own production, Räuchfiguren and Rä ucherkerzen, carvings, snow globe, music boxes, gloves and Mützen, craftsmen, nutcrackers, table runners and decorations, Christmas lights or nativity scenes, Schwibbögen and accessories, pyramids and much, much more. As you can see, there is no limit to what you can do with Christmas items from Christmasland. Thus, you can discover countless Christmas items in our Christmas Land, therefore: a look at the assortment of Christmas Land is worth it!

Versüßen your holidays with our lovely Christmas articles. Christmasland offers both timeless designs, artistic depictions of the classic Christmas story, and charming decorative items. Spread pleasant smells in the house and garden and discover the variety of tea lights, candles and book figurines. In the Christmas Land you will be able to find all kinds of Christmas starikeln. Let your creativity run wild. With the Christmas articles of the Christmas Land you can follow your dreams and transform your own house into a wintry, cozy home. And in doing so, you will also demonstrate boundless style! Your loved ones and guests will be delighted with your taste. Decorate to perfection! Enchant your home for the holidays but even a small, domestic Christmas land!


But now once to us, to the Christmas land. We have been around for more than 20 years. We have made it our special mission to preserve the Erzgebirge folk art from extinction! Are you already familiar with the history and origin? Have you perhaps heard of the so-called Räuchermännchen? We at Christmasland would like to summarize the most important facts for you. After the demise of mining in the 19th century, people in the Ore Mountains were forced to earn their pennies in other ways. Since the field soil did not offer much space for long-term economic use due to enormous dry periods, the people of the forest had to come up with something else. The first carvings were created and became more and more popular. Especially the Räucherfiguren became more and more widespread. Classic representations are, in addition to Christmas scenes with Santa Claus, the Christ child or angels, especially representations of everyday life of former miners. Just these themselves were gladly taken as a motif to the model.


Nowadays, the crafts belong to Christmas traditions and are among the most popular classic Christmas items. Also we of the Christmas country feel obligated to this history and want to preserve the wonderful handicraft art from their extinction, why we may put them with joy in our Christmas country to the purchase to the order!

But not only these, also many other Christmas items can be found in our Christmas Land!

When the Christmas season approaches, this is often accompanied by some stress. Gönnen you this time a little rest and get quite simply at a click the most wonderful Christmas decorations. Create a magical atmosphere quickly and easily. Discover our variety of fragrant Räucherkerzen. In Christmasland you will find varieties such as mulled wine, cinnamon, baked apple, gingerbread or Feuerzangenboule. Put your eyes and nose completely into the last festivities and awaken vivid memories. But also at the festive table Christmas decoration is always a wonderful addition to the delicious festive feast.
Dazzle your guests with unique Christmas items for the Christmas tree, the window, the fireplace, the shelves or even for Draußen. Whether unique carvings, beautiful snow globes, graceful window pictures, lovely music box, verzückende angel figurines or traditional nutcrackers, in our Christmas land you will be fündig to all your ideas of Christmas decorations.

But not only by decorating your own home you can share with others magical Christmas decorations. Christmasland also offers ideal gift options. Inexpensive and original pendants or figurines made of wood, ceramic or metal, LED candle stairs and much more Christmas decorations. Also for craft lovers we open a variety of possibilities. Create your own homemade lanterns, garlands or fairy lights. In addition to these do-it-yourself Christmas decoration items, you also have the opportunity to give free rein to your creativity in other ways. In Christmas Land you will find a wide variety of candles, how about a self-designed Advent wreath? Maybe there are small children living in your household? Reach also gladly to LED candles back.

Our nativity scenes are also very popular. The Christmas land allows here again a child-friendly variant with colorful, wooden figures. Since many of the Christmas decorations of the Christmas Land are made of wood, they show a pleasing robustness. Thanks to our high quality manufacturing, our products generally enjoy a prolonged lifetime, so you can enjoy the Christmas decorations for a long time. Furthermore, you do with the biodegradable products of the nature a great favor.

So far so good, pictures tell more than a thousand words: So take a look at the Christmas land and enjoy the wide range of Christmas decoration!