Original Hubrig folk art angel with zither Erzgebirge

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This beautiful handcrafted angel with a zither is made by Hubrig Volkskunst in the Erzgebirge region of Germany. It stands at 7.5cm tall and is made with high-quality materials. This angel is perfect for collectors of traditional German folk art and for those who appreciate the beauty of handcrafted ornaments. The intricate details and vibrant colors make this angel a true work of art.


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The Original Hubrig Volkskunst Engel mit Zither Erzgebirge is a beautiful piece of German folk art that is perfect for any collector or enthusiast. Handcrafted in the Erzgebirge region of Germany, this angel figurine is made with the highest quality materials and attention to detail.The angel is depicted sitting on a wooden bench, holding a zither in her hands. Her wings are spread out behind her, giving her a sense of grace and movement. The hand-painted details on her dress and hair are exquisite, and her facial expression is peaceful and serene.This figurine is part of the Hubrig Volkskunst collection, which has been in production since 1989. Each piece is made by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, ensuring that every piece is unique and of the highest quality. The Erzgebirge region of Germany is known for its long history of woodcarving and folk art, and the Hubrig Volkskunst collection is a testament to this rich cultural heritage.The Original Hubrig Volkskunst Engel mit Zither Erzgebirge is a great addition to any collection of Christmas decorations or German folk art. It is also a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates traditional craftsmanship and the beauty of handmade art. Its timeless design and high quality make it a piece that can be treasured for generations.In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this figurine is also a symbol of the rich cultural traditions of the Erzgebirge region. It represents the importance of music and art in German culture, as well as the strong connection between nature and spirituality.Overall, the Original Hubrig Volkskunst Engel mit Zither Erzgebirge is a beautiful and meaningful piece of German folk art that is sure to be cherished for years to come. Its exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, and cultural significance make it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Manufacturer:Hubrig Volkskunst GmbH
Category:Hubrig Folk Art Ltd


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