XL Smoking man - postmaster general

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The XL-Räuchermann - Generalpostmeister is a beautifully crafted smoking figure that is perfect for adding a touch of traditional German charm to your home décor. Made from high-quality materials and designed to last, this large smoking figure features intricate detailing and a unique design that is sure to catch the eye. Whether you're a collector of smoking figures or simply looking for a unique and eye-catching piece to add to your home, the XL-Räuchermann - Generalpostmeister is an excellent choice. So why wait? Add this stunning smoking figure to your collection today!

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The XL-Räuchermann - Generalpostmeister is a beautiful and intricate piece of craftsmanship that is sure to impress all who see it. This large-scale smoker figurine is made in Germany by skilled artisans and is part of the renowned range of traditional German Christmas decorations.The Generalpostmeister smoker stands at an impressive height of 47cm, making it a real statement piece for any home or workplace. The figurine is crafted from high-quality wood and features a variety of intricate details that truly bring the character to life.The Generalpostmeister is depicted wearing a long blue coat with gold buttons and a red sash, as well as a wide-brimmed hat adorned with a blue and white feather. In his hand, he holds a small sack of letters, suggesting that he is a postmaster or courier of some kind.The Generalpostmeister smoker is designed to be used with incense cones, which are placed inside the figurine and lit to release a fragrant smoke through the mouth and nose. This creates a wonderful atmosphere and adds an extra dimension to the festive season.This product is a must-have for anyone who loves traditional German Christmas decorations or wants to add a touch of authentic charm to their home. It is also a great gift idea for friends and family who appreciate high-quality craftsmanship and unique, handcrafted items.In summary, the XL-Räuchermann - Generalpostmeister is a beautiful and impressive smoker figurine that is sure to delight all who see it. Its intricate details and high-quality craftsmanship make it a truly special addition to any festive display.

Manufacturer:Seiffener Volkskunst
Category:Seiffen folk art


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