Arch of lights - Seiffen church with Kurrende, 55cm, original Erzgebirge

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Lichterbogen - Seiffener Kirche mit Kurrende, 55cm, Original Erzgebirge

This beautiful light arch depicts the Seiffener church with choir, a classic motif from the Erzgebirge region of Germany. The arch is 55cm wide and is made in the traditional style of the region, with finely crafted details and hand-painted decorations. The arch is illuminated with six bulbs, creating a warm and inviting glow that will add a touch of traditional charm to any room. Made with care in the heart of the Erzgebirge, this light arch is an authentic piece of German craftsmanship that is sure to become a cherished part of your holiday traditions.

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Currently out of stock

Looking for a unique and traditional Christmas decoration? Look no further than the Lichterbogen - Seiffener Kirche mit Kurrende. This stunning decoration is made in the original Erzgebirge style, ensuring that it is a true work of art.The Lichterbogen - Seiffener Kirche mit Kurrende is a 55cm light arch that features the Seiffener Kirche (Seiffen Church) with a Kurrende choir. The Kurrende choir is a traditional German choir that sings Christmas carols during the Advent season. This decoration perfectly captures the essence of the holiday season with its intricate details and warm, inviting glow.This light arch is made from high-quality materials and is handcrafted with care. The Seiffener Kirche mit Kurrende is made in the traditional Erzgebirge style, which has been passed down through generations of craftsmen. Each piece is carefully carved and painted by hand, ensuring that no two decorations are exactly alike.The Lichterbogen - Seiffener Kirche mit Kurrende is easy to set up and use. Simply plug it in and watch as it comes to life with a warm, inviting glow. The arch features a total of 10 lights, which are sure to brighten up any room or space.Overall, the Lichterbogen - Seiffener Kirche mit Kurrende is a beautiful and unique Christmas decoration that is sure to delight anyone who sees it. Its traditional Erzgebirge style, intricate details, and warm glow make it a must-have addition to any holiday collection. So why wait? Order your Lichterbogen - Seiffener Kirche mit Kurrende today and experience the magic of the holiday season!

Manufacturer:Design & Decor GmbH Stützengrün
Category:Candle arches
Size‍: Up to 70cm


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